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Each child is unique.

We are here to help your child to follow his unique path of life and to reach his higher potential.


  • Our approach is wholistic, scientific, and comprehensive.

  • Our treatment is causal, consistent, and effective. 

  • Our vision is a unique family in health and happiness! 

There is a way to help kids on the Spectrum

​Learn more about how Romantic Healthcare has a specific plan to put your child on the Road to Recovery. This plan identifies and systematically treats the underlying causes based on a comprehensive map for each child.

Have you had no, or only partial and limited, success for your child? Our approach works consistently even with 'non-responders', and is able to achieve improvements where other approaches have failed.

Common Problems in Autism Treatment

Autism has many causes, and the causes in each case are somewhat different. There are two main problems with most treatment approaches:

  1. Treating the symptoms, not the causes.

  2. Limited scope of treatment.

Problem #1 - Treating the Symptoms, Not the Causes

It seems obvious that treatment should focus on the causes, not on the symptoms. And yet, most treatment approaches tend to address manifestations, such as gut inflammation, or parasites, or yeast overgrowth. While these issues may 'cause' pain and discomfort, behavioural issues, poor muscle tone and coordination, etc., they are not the underlying true causes of the problem. They are instead themselves the result of specific fundamental causes. Any effective treatment plan must address the real causes.


When the symptoms are acute, they can be addressed for temporary relief. However, to only address symptoms, such as gut inflammation or parasites, etc. is akin to fixing up a house with new paint, wallpaper and perhaps flooring and fixtures, but ignoring the antiquated plumbing and electrical system, as well as the cracks in the foundation.

Problem #2 - Limited Scope of Treatment

The autistic condition is multi-causal, and at multiple levels. Most treatments address only part of the problem, even if they do address one or some of the causes. What is needed is a comprehensive identification of the causes to provide a map for a systematic treatment plan. Such a map means that the practitioner knows what remedial measures are needed when, and also what challenges lie ahead. Such a map provides more consistent and greater improvements for the child as well as greater understanding on the part of the parents regarding the what needs to be done.

Romantic Healthcare and Heilkunst Homeopathy

Solves These Problems

The approach provided by Romantic Healthcare treats autism based on a comprehensive map of the underlying causes and a systematic treatment plan based on this map.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Elements of the Plan
  • Shocks and Traumas - physical, emotional, iatrogenic

  • Inherited Disease Conditions 

  • Nutritional Imbalances

  • Nutrient Assessment

  • Acute Conditions

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