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Metabolic Imbalances

Super Health Food

Diet, Supplements, Lifestyle

Nutrient Depletion

We need energy to make everything function, including our immune system. We need nutrients to make all the millions of functions and metabolic pathways to do what they need to do optimally. That's called health. The challenge is to find the right diet and nutrients for you. Romantic Healthcare does that.

Man Airbrushing

Heavy Metals, Plastics, Yeast, Fungi


Foreign (xeno-) toxins (herbicies, pesticides, plastics), plus various microbes that get through the gut wall ('leaky gut'), as well as heavy metals, interfere with and damage various metabolic operations, reducing energy and limiting certain functions. These need to be eliminated progressively, using a gentle, yet effective detox protocol that works with the body's innate detoxification capacity, as offered by Romantic Healthcare.

Dramatic Dew Drops

Gut microbial life

Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome is critical to health, in particular for the immune system, nutrient processing and production, and brain functioning. Diet, supplements, pro- and pre-biotics are important here, but also the right ones, as each person has different requirements and reactions. Romantic Healthcare can identify what works with whom.

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