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Life is meant to challenge us so that we can grow and develop. However, there are events in life that act to block healthy growth and development.



These stressors come in various forms:

  • physical and emotional shocks and traumas

  • metabolic imbalances and impediments

  • inherited disease conditions


Stressors create physical and psychological scars or blockages that weaken our ability to resist further stressors, resulting in a complex layering of blockages negatively affecting our metabolic, emotional and cognitive balance and functioning.

The end result is one or more chronic conditions with labels such as autism, arthritis, migraine, depression, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis, etc. 

Need Help to Remove Blockages

Our life force is unable to remove these blockages without outside help. Therapeutic assistance must be based on natural laws and principles that ensure the removal of the causes, and also that support rather than suppress the natural healing capacity of the body.

Most treatments, mainstream or alternative, are symptomatic - they may give some relief, but they do not address and remove the causes. Some treatments, such as suppressive drugs, come at the cost of further weakening the organism, and even engendering additional blockages (iatrogenic disease). There may be temporary relief, but the underlying causes remain often to re-emerge, requiring more or stronger palliative agents.

Autism is Complex

Autism is a complex condition caused by a multitude of stressors, some inherited (genetic and epigenetic), some acquired. The degree of intervention in our day and age is unprecedented: in pregnancy, birth and childhood generally (drugs, ultrasounds, vaccines, surgeries, dental procedures, etc.); in daily exposure to xenotoxic chemicals (plastics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) in food, air and water. 

Romantic Healthcare

  • identifies blockages based on a comprehensive framework

  • removes the blockages systematically based on a specific map 

  • helps restore metabolic, emotional and cognitive balance and operation

  • promotes healthy growth and development

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