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Treatment Elements - Romantic Healthcare

Dual Track Treatment

Autism, as other conditions, results from specific disorders of metabolism that must be corrected. However, there are also various blockages, inherited and acquired, that block efforts to balance metabolic operations (homeostasis).  Working on the one without the other limits effectiveness of treatment, and in some cases severely limits or even

blocks improvement ('non-responders'). 

Any treatment, to be as effective as possible, must address both tracks together, as each treatment on the one side supports the healing process on the other. Romantic Healthcare creates a comprehensive and systematic map and treatment protocol that addresses both metabolic disorders and specific blockages due to shocks and traumas (click here for more on blockages).

Causal Treatment

Almost all treatments offered only address the symptoms of a case without addressing or being able to identify the underlying causes, which can be many and complex (click here for more on the various causes of autism - the 'usual suspects'.

Comprehensive Map

Without a proper map of the underlying causes, no treatment can be very effective. A detailed map of causes allows the practitioner to know the various steps to be taken and in what sequence.


There is a time and a place for each element of treatment, such as detox, organ support, removal of specific blockages, application of dietary rules, use of supplements, etc. For example, yeast and heavy metals play a certain role at a certain stage and the body will hang on to them until various other factors are corrected. To force heavy metal or yeast detox at the wrong time can cause further stress on the body. There is a role for earlier palliative treatment, however, where there is a heavy load that itself is retarding healing.

Systematic Sequential Treatment

IAutism is a complex, multi-factored, multi-layered condition. Treatment must be both systematic and sequential, so that each cause and layer is addressed at the appropriate time to maximize healing success.

Support for Healing Reactions 

Healing involves certain necessary stages, much like a house renovation. Various symptoms and discharges are part of healing and must not be suppressed. Instead, the body is supported so that any discomfort in and duration of the healing phase is minimized. 

Dynamic Counselling - Support for You and Your Family

Parenting and living with special needs children means learning new ways to approach issues and new ways of relating as a family. Sometimes you've read all the books but just need to talk to someone who understands the path you are on. 


We can help you “re-frame” your reactions and perceptions of the world around you with a deeper knowledge of the dynamics of life. Dynamic Counselling sessions have proven to be beneficial and inspirational to many frustrated parents. 

Counselling areas:

  • parenting children with behavorial issues

  • family relationships

  • individual life questions 



It's been quite the amazing journey full of ups and downs but when we started Heilkunst over five years ago he was three years old, completely non-verbal, regularly stimmed by rocking, avoided eye contact and suffered from chronic diarrhea. Now he is eight years old and an incredibly funny, creative and independent boy! He is so vibrant and full of life he puts even me to shame. Is he quirky? Absolutely. No doubt about it. But still, there is a happiness that blooms in him that makes think I would give up all my awareness of "social rules and fitting in" for just an OUNCE of the freedom that he feels to be his authentic self. You watch out world - this little boy is going places!!!!

We started Heilkunst for our son, who at the time was 3 with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS (on the Autism Spectrum), on a feeding tube round the clock and just a plain mess! We quickly realized that this was not just treatment for him but a way of life for our entire family! It has been an amazing journey and the benefits have been enormous! 


He has lost his diagnosis of PDD-NOS and although we have some residual issues with reading comprehension, focus/attention, some OCD flares (fairly benign at this point) and environmental and food sensitivities, I cannot even begin to tell you the improvements it has made in this child's life! I am completely certain that as we proceed, he will eventually rid himself of ALL of this and makes progress continually! 


So the real reason for my post, you've heard me say it at least a million times by now, stay your course, this is a marathon and NOT a race, and please please please treat yourselves, you owe it to your child and yourself to get healthy! 

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