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Inherited Causes

There are two kinds:
- inherited (genetic)
- acquired (epi-genetic)

Genetic Issues

We are born with certain mutations that weaken our metabolic operation, thus, our energy, ability to resist stress and to carry out healthy activities (both at the physical and psychological levels). While there is nothing that can be done to directly alter our genetic inheritance, the overall Romantic Healthcare treatment, by raising metabolic functioning and removing blockages, indirectly acts to mute the effects of mutations. 

Epigenetic Issues

We also come into this world with certain disease conditions that reflect our inheritance, acting as structural weaknesses in our foundation. They render us more susceptible to certain stressors and shocks, and under sufficient stress they can be activated. We call these chronic miasms, from an old medical term that meant 'noxious influence'. 

Romantic Healthcare is unique in having a detailed map and systematic treatment protocol for these chronic conditions, which most if not all of us carry to a greater or lesser degree. These are particularly important in the treatment of autism. 

More details about chronic miasms can be found here.

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