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Treating the Family

The focus is the child, but the child is part of a family constellation. Family dynamics can and do affect how and how quickly a child heals during treatment. In addition, each other family member will gain increased health and vitality.


Thus, we recommend that the whole family be treated as well when and where possible.


There are as many ways to approach family treatment as there are families, each situation being somewhat different. 

  • starting the entire family at the same time 

  • starting mom and one or more children

  • adding family members at different times

You can discuss your family situation with us and we will seek to provide our recommendation in the light of your particular situation and circumstances.

We provide rates for family treatment to encourage use of this recommended option.




Coming up on our 3rd year of Heilkunst... I've been focusing more on my own treatment through CoRes lately and just keeping up on miasms for my son. Focusing on myself has led to so many improvements for him lately, even though I'm not really "doing" anything different for him. Is anyone else feeling this way?

Gosh- YES! I am going through this right now in our house as I go through my own 1st CoRe. Although I have been treating myself for a few years, it was obvious I had some skeletons in the closet that wouldn't evacuate. Can I just say that my son is doing amazing right now!!! The more that me and my hubs focus on our own treatment, the better as a family unit we do and the quicker the gains come for my son. It's exactly like he is carrying our burdens as well as his own. But really, now he is and will continue to heal quicker because I am dealing with my own issues! I'm so happy! Also, taking time for ourselves has been huge as well.


He has lost his diagnosis of PDD-NOS and although we have some residual issues with reading comprehension, focus/attention, some OCD flares (fairly benign at this point) and environmental and food sensitivities, I cannot even begin to tell you the improvements it has made in this child's life! I am completely certain that as we proceed, he will eventually rid himself of ALL of this and makes progress continually! 


So the real reason for my post...please please please treat yourselves, you owe it to your child and yourself to get healthy! 

Family Time
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