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Shocks and Traumas

Child In Hospital Bed

Physical Traumas

Cuts, Falls, Concussions, Fractures... 

Life is full of experience, and for some more than others. Many accidents these days are traumatic and if not treated properly reduce vital energy and create a blockage to healing generally. Blows to the head and spine are particularly damaging in young children possibly affecting cognitive ability, focus, eye-contact, social interaction, etc.

Mother and Son

Emotional Traumas

Abandonment, Fear, Anger...

Children have emotions regarding events around them, often also picking up those of their family. These can reduce vital energy, cause withdrawal and create blockages to healing. Often these are not expressed directly, but manifest in behavioral issues, social interaction, or physical symptoms, such as gut dysfunction.

Emotional traumas in childhood can have particularly deep and long-lasting negative effects on health.


Iatrogenic Traumas

Drugs, Vaccines, Blood Draws, Dental Procedures...

This category of shocks that their system endures is unfortunately a large one for many kids. The drug and surgical interventions may have been needed, but nonetheless they can create a blockage that weakens the vital force and impedes any healing work unless they are removed.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Pre-Natal/Birth Interventions

Ultrasound, C-section, Amnio-centesis, Drugs, Episiotomy, Forceps, Induction...

This category is unfortunately also a large one. The fetus is particularly susceptible to the shocks from increasing number of interventions during pregnancy and birth.  The in-vitro fertilization process presents various forms of stress - emotional, drugs, hormones, etc.

We must also consider the overall emotional stresses on the mother, as well as the often isolating context of the birthing and neonatal unit.  Premature birth is a further stress that needs to be considered.

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