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Romantic Healthcare, Heilkunst and Autism

Do you see autism as a behavioral problem?

Autism and the other disorders mentioned produce disturbed behavior, but in our experience and understanding they are the product of actual traumas to the system, which place it in shock, weakening the immune system and calling forth a response from the organism to defend itself (this produces most of the symptoms we notice). This is much like a shell-shocked soldier coming back from war.

The list of potential and actual shocks to the system is virtually endless, particularly if we include the host of interventions by the modern medical system (some necessary and even life-saving in some extreme cases, but shocks to the system nonetheless).

These fall into one or the other of the following categories:

  • Inherited weaknesses in terms of the (ill) health of the parents and earlier generations. Your children can only be as healthy as the parents.

  • Stresses and traumas during pregnancy (ultrasounds, amniocentesis, drugs, antibiotics, poor diet, emotional stresses, accidents)

  • Birth interventions (induction, epidural, episiotomy, forceps, suctionning, drugs, C-section)

  • Vaccinations, particularly the ones within the first few months and years, and notably shortly after birth, such as the Hep B or anti-Tubercular vaccine. Most children today have had over 30 shots by the time they are 3 years old. There’s more information on the negative effects of vaccinations on our links page.

  • Accidents (broken bones, concussions, spinal injuries, deep wounds, etc)

  • Emotional shocks (deaths, frights, fears, suppressed emotions. etc.) of any sort – it is the reaction of the person rather than the actual shock itself that is more determinant.

  • Iatrogenic diseases – drugs, antibiotics, surgeries.

  • Poor diet and exposure to various chemicals.

  • Inherited diseases that affect how the genetic code functions and set each child.

Father and Son
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