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Romantic Healthcare, Heilkunst and Autism

Is autism caused by toxic metals, such as mercury in vaccines, or by a disorder in gut flora and fauna, or maybe a poor diet?

It is true that toxic metals and the other factors mentioned can contribute to the emergence of an autistic condition and other behavioral problems. In some cases, one of the other factor, or a combination of such factors, may play a large role and then, addressing these factors (through detoxification and dietary approaches) may help considerably. However, in many other cases, such efforts have little or no positive effect (although they are still good for overall health), though they may require a great deal of effort, time, money and discipline.

Finally, though heroic measures in diet and detoxification can certainly help to improve behavior and health, they do not usually get at the underlying causes and must be followed up with or done parallel to a treatment that is able to remove these causes.

Father and Son
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