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Romantic Healthcare, Heilkunst and Autism

Why do most autistic children have high doses of heavy metals?

There can be some logical reasons, such as the high number of vaccines with mercury (thimerisol). There is no question but that true safe levels of exposure for these heavy metals is zero, and that this is not the case in our world. However, we are all exposed to heavy metals, but not all of us seem to hold them or carry them around. The deeper problem lies in the fact that autistic children hang on to these metals rather than allowing their natural detoxification system to neutralize and remove them. Why? Our research strongly suggests that it is because of the traumas to their system and inherited weaknesses which create a form or ‘armoring’ at the cellular level that mirrors that at the level of the psyche. Once these traumas are removed, the cells then allow the toxins to leave and be processed by the normal detoxification system of the body.

Although it may seem strange, our cases point to the possibility that the body itself, under certain situations of stress will produce some if not all of the heavy metals. In the more traditional medical system from the past, the various metals were seen to have a relationship to certain disease states and to possess various healing qualities. Thus, as is the case with many viruses, the heavy metals may be as much the result of, as he cause, of the disease condition concerned. This is strongly suggested also by the fact that in many cases, the heavy metal levels cannot be accounted for by environmental exposure alone and that not all persons in the same environment carry the same level of heavy metals, and indeed, other toxins.

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