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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 8th Trauma

His next prescription (five weeks later) was: Folliculinum/Nux-v 200C/1M/10M with the emotional remedies, Nat-m/Staph/Op/Lach 200C/1M/10M two weeks later for the period of his pre-birth.

After the first week his mother reported he was wonderfully-behaved at home, but at pre-school was telling his caregivers they were stupid and he hated them all, and he was ripping toys from other children’s hands. His mother kept him home for a long Thanksgiving break, and on his return the caregivers couldn’t believe the shift in his behaviour, and he was back to normal again.

He was easily frustrated, and would wake crying during the night where he’d sleep well in the past. He cried for no apparent reason, and wanted to be held and consoled during those times. He normally loves to touch and be touched, but his mother reported that he was even more loving, very, very attached, that he was glued to her saying things like, “You know Mommy? I just love you, Mommy.”

His sinuses ran clear for about four days and he had a loose cough, but no symptoms of asthma or wheezing. His appetite was diminished at that time. His mother reported that in the same month the previous year he dropped 8 pounds in two and a half weeks, and all the doctors had thrown up their hands, not knowing what to do with him and his symptoms. None of the cleansing symptoms lasted more than four days, and his energy increased after that, and he was symptom-free the rest of the month.

We then began treating for the inherited predispositions (miasms). 

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