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Romantic Healthcare, Heilkunst and Autism

Do you think autism is an actual disease?

Autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD and ODD are not diseases in our assessment, but only labels placed on observed behavior that is not natural or disruptive to the child or to others. We could say that they are disease conditions.

To the extent that the label is correct (and this is often not the case with ADD, ADHD for example), the causes still remain hidden, speculative and confusing. No two cases are the same in all, and even many respects. The causes remain hidden because the diagnosis is effectively an illusion. The disorder or condition is real, but it is only the result of something deeper which is not identified. To give something a name does not make it a disease. A true diagnosis always contains the remedy within it (e.g., a diagnosis of a lack of vitamin C where this is truly the case tells you exactly what you must do, but if it is not, then extra Vitamin C may help the symptoms, but it will not remove the underlying cause). And this something deeper can be one or more of a long list of shocks or stresses to the system.

Father and Son
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