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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism

Treatment of Traumas

Treatment of 2nd Trauma

Second prescription: Cortisone, Penicilinum, Nux vomica 200C and 1M for the next event on his timeline, the medications prescribed at 23 months. The remedies were given as follows: The Cort/Nux-v/Penic 200C in the same evening at bedtime, and the same remedies in the 1M potency at bedtime the following evening.

Second follow-up (about a month later): Sam experienced a return of old symptoms with much coughing, and cleared a great deal of mucous from his lungs. His mother said she got chills just thinking about it, because it was exactly what he was doing in the Spring when he went through this part of his illness.

He had some diarrhea, and on my recommendation his mother palliated the worst of the coughing with a Spongia tosta-based cough syrup, which she said “worked wonderfully.” His cough resolved quickly and she reported he had grown and was cutting two new teeth.

His mother now mentioned that in the past, when he was on the Cortisone, he used to get a “black hairy tongue” (the nutritionist, who used the term, said it was the result of an overgrowth of bacteria). During this healing reaction the same symptom returned for three days, then “disappeared as fast as it had come.” She said he really relived what he had gone though in the Spring, but with less intensity and of a shorter duration.

His coughs were now productive, the mucous was brought up easily and he didn’t get sick. He hadn’t had a respiratory treatment in six weeks. At this time last year he was taking Ventalin around the clock every four hours and also was using Pediapred. Now he was able to play in the damp grass, or out in the cold weather, and run to the store down the street, with no reaction at all. In the past they would “neb” him before leaving the house and again when they got to the store or immediately on returning home. He also had some symptoms of reflux, but after they stopped the soy milk, they disappeared.

He now had wonderful energy and sleep, was content and happy, and looked better than he ever had. He was cutting his teeth and his mother said his bum was raw because of it, but on my recommendation began to use Calendula ointment (with lanolin) which helped. The nutritionist said on seeing him, “Look at him! His eyebrows are getting fuller, his hair is growing thicker and he has gained some weight.” She recommended amino acids. His mother reported on the progress she had seen: “What we went through for two years – I don’t remember life other than doctors and hospitals, at least going once a week for months, visiting specialists. No wonder we were so tired. I don’t remember that other life now.” They were looking forward to a vacation in the Bahamas!

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