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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 3rd Trauma

Third prescription: MMR 200C/1M/10M

Follow-up (about one month later): Before he took the remedies, they visited the dentist. Sam had some decay at the gum line on his front teeth, as did his mom as a child. The dentist was abusive, accusing her of not brushing properly or of allowing him too many sweets. She knew it was part of his inherited weakness, but exacerbated by the destructivness of the constant vomiting.

He was doing very well. He had no signs of environmental allergies and was trying new foods now, where in the past he was fearful of reacting to them. His mother said he was comfortable, waved to everyone, was a real charmer, in short, a very happy kid.

His mother said she was so happy to have him medication free and chemical free. She thought back to the drugs he used to be on and how many kids are on so many drugs, and said it scared her. He was growing taller and needed new shoes.

After the MMR remedy he had no mucous production at all, but experienced some skin eruptions. He never complained and they healed quickly. He did have some buttermilk solids and produced some symptoms of reflux, but his mom said six months earlier it would have shut down his throat. He was eating “amazingly well,” trying many more new foods. His fear of trying new foods was gone as was the fear of esophagitis. He was putting muscle on his legs, and was on a “meat kick,” which his mother found interesting, as he never could eat meat in the past.

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