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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 4th Trauma

Fourth prescription: DPTP 200C/1M/10M


Follow-up (about six weeks later): He experienced some symptoms of reflux on the second and third nights following the remedy, and again three weeks later. His caregiver reported that he seemed to have some trouble swallowing, that he couldn’t seem to get food down his throat which lasted one day (Note: I had the same symptom when I took DPTP, and it lasted several days, and on reading the symptoms of each disease state I now relate it to the Diphtheria portion of this vaccination.)

He had had a slight fever one night, which was his first in many months during which he was lethargic and hot to touch and drank fluids. He felt fine once he vomited. His mother reported, “It is so amazing to watch him now with a fever and not treat it.” He slept on and off and wanted her nearby, and woke feeling fine in the morning.

He visited the dentist (a different one, a female, since his mother said she seemed to have better luck with women healthcare providers) and he behaved wonderfully. He was relaxed, loved his visit and even picked her a bouquet of flowers when he heard he was going to the new dentist. The dentist and her staff were charmed by his behaviour.

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