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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 5th Trauma

Next prescription: Hi(b) vaccination – Meningiotoxinum 200C/1M/10M. The remedy Meningiotoxinum is made from the vaccine material, which includes the B variant.

Follow-up (about one month later): He had been getting better with eggs, and even tried some food in the dairy category, which caused a reaction of hives but no vomiting. His mother said before homeopathic treatment he would have been almost anaphylactic, with strider and vomiting vast amounts of mucous, forcing them to use Benadryl. She said she was “thrilled” with the improvement. He tried some peanut butter and was fine. He began potty training himself after he took the remedy which she considers a milestone.

She said he had been sighing in the last few weeks, that he didn’t get angry but would pout. He no longer would fight and wasn’t aggressive like some of his friends. If angry he would sit down with a big huff, turn his back on the person with a deep sigh, think about it and ignore the person for a few minutes. Then he would rejoin the group.

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