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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 6th Trauma

Next prescription: Hepatitis B 200C/1M/10M and Nat-m/Staph/Opium/Lach 200C (for the emotional shock of the labour and delivery and the first Hepatitis B vaccination. It was decided to give the emotional remedies over a longer period of time to avoid any unnecessary healing reaction). The Hepatitis B remedy is the potentised form of the vaccination material, since we want to balance the trauma of the vaccination with not only the viral material, but also the carrying agents inherent in every vaccine, which are sometimes more reactive than the actual virus.

(The emotional remedies, Natrum mur, Staphysagria, Opium and Lachesis are used primarily based on the 25+ years of clinical experience of Dr. Jean Elmiger, and Rudi’s and mine as well. In his research, Dr. Elmiger found that while we all may vary greatly in our acute reactions to any shock or trauma, that once it recedes into the past the individualisation tends to dissolve. It was found that these remedies treat for the unresolved past shocks of an emotional nature.)

Follow-up (about six weeks later): His mother reported he is not pouting or rolling his shoulders and crumbling in emotional situations, he now is very verbal, will tell you what is bothering him and is willing to talk about it. He also had a week where he acted out with some aggressive behaviour of hitting and pinching, which didn’t fit in with his personality.

When he had some breathing symptoms they took him to their physician to have it checked out, as this (September) is the month where his respiratory symptoms traditionally would present.

The physician said he was fine, there was no infectious process, but he wrote them a prescription for Prednisone for good measure (which they never had filled). They gave him a few teaspoons of a Spongia-based cough syrup, the cough loosened, and when he coughs it clears on its own. His sinuses ran clear, and he had some sneezing. His mother’s intuitive feeling was that he was fine, and she didn’t call me during that time as she genuinely was not concerned.

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