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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Treatment of 7th Trauma

We waited two weeks for the symptoms to clear before we went on to his next prescription: Arn/Nux-v/Nat-s/Hyper/Staph 200C/1M/10M, which was given for the very traumatic birth he experienced, which was a Cesarean with other interventions. Within one week he had gotten a rash behind his ears, which is where his allergic reactions would begin. He worked out a lot of restlessness, didn’t sleep well, and was very moody. He hit and threw things. His mother reported he was a very angry child.

Within two weeks his emotional reaction seemed to subside, but he had some breathing symptoms in the evenings. His parents kept the humidifier running in his bedroom, and palliated his symptoms with a saline solution. They used a few doses of Ipecac 12C when his coughing went into vomiting. They wondered how he might react to the mold in October, and he had a lot of mucous in his sinuses which wasn’t expelled when he sneezed, but his lungs stayed clear. He was challenged when his class visited a pumpkin patch in a light drizzle, but he ran around in the hay and enjoyed himself. His breathing was laboured at 2:30 the following morning, and his father gave him a Ventalin treatment, and is symptoms never got to the wheezing stage. They used the Ipecac to palliate his cough if he began to gag or vomit, which only happened a few times that month.

Within a few days his mother reported he was “great.” His mother said she had begun reading parenting books, that he is “all boy” and just wants to run, that he is curious but not obnoxious, and it worried her that she sees so many subdued and submissive children.

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