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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism
Timeline of Causes

I took his case at this point, focussing on the various shocks and traumas he had experienced. His brief timeline was fraught with complications:


His mother had been diagnosed with mononucleosis and was just recovering from that when she conceived. When she had experienced the mono symptoms she was prescribed Augmentin, which antidoted her birth control pills, resulting in the pregnancy. She was in the military reserves and was waiting to be called up for Operation Desert Storm, while starting work full-time as an ICU nurse. She experienced a great deal of stress waiting for the phone call to the Persian Gulf. Once she was aware of the pregnancy, she stopped all medications she had been taking, e.g., Seldane and Sudafed for allergies.

Labour and Delivery

Mom gained 48 pounds during pregnancy, was vomiting while in labour and having a difficult time because the baby’s head was transverse. After an epidural and an attempt to physically turn his head, they opted for a Cesarean section. The baby had a hematoma on his head, some problems with his cervical discs and his head was at a peculiar angle. His Apgar score was 9 out of a possible 10. He was circumcised while still in the hospital, and also received his first Hepatitis B vaccination.

Although totally breast-fed, he had a great deal of gas and was very colicky. When his mother drank cow’s milk, and the first time she tried a back-up bottle of a cow’s milk-based formula, his cheeks and scalp turned scarlet, then the skin crusted and oozed. She said, “It looked as though he had been scalded.” (She also said that it was like having a new child after she had eliminated the dairy from her and the baby’s diet.)

Sam felt better whenever the flatulence was expelled or after he had a bowel movement. He was a very happy baby generally who loved to be handled, rocked or carried. He enjoyed motion. He was sensitive to wind and would react by developing colic. His chiropractor, who also used some homeopathy, suggested a dose of Lycopodium 30C which worked wonderfully for the colic.

1 month, 3 weeks

HIB vaccination with no apparent reaction.

One week later, 2 months

DPTP, first vaccination, no apparent reaction.

He was getting up, pulling himself up and trying to walk at seven months, and he walked unaided at nine months. He weaned himself at 11 months.

18 months

MMR vaccination produced heat, redness and swelling at the injection site (in hindsight his mother now sees this as the beginning of his asthma symptoms).

19 months

Benadryl use began, environmental strider symptoms.

20 months

Mom away in Reserves for two weeks, but stayed in close communication.

21 months

Asthma and medications began. Pediapred when it was very bad, antibiotics and Ventalin. He was hospitalised with wheezing and had some symptoms of reflux.

23 months

Began repeated sinus infections, more antibiotics, Ventalin “around the clock.” Pediapred, oral Ventalin and a Ventalin nebulizer.

26 months

Tested for CF and celiac, prescribed Zantac and Propulsid, had scopes with conscious sedation (Versed). They said his upper small intestine was “friable” (bled easily) and had an overgrowth of bacteria, with three strains of respiratory bacteria including pseudomonas. Also subjected to a barium swallow and blood work.

31 months

Damp air caused his lungs to fill up again with wheezing. Vomiting and diarrhea began with a viral infection. Seven days of vomiting triggered the reflux once again, then the asthma symptoms followed as his lungs became irritated. He was hospitalised and subjected to testing. His pediatrician said he was not surprised because he saw these things all the time. He stated that “this will be his time,” that “they always come back on their anniversary date,” and that when a child reacts in a particular season, they will be sensitive always in that season.

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