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Sam’s Case: Using Heilkunst to Treat Timeline Traumas in Autism

Treatment of Traumas

Treatment of 1st Trauma

Sam’s most recent trauma, and the one treated first sequentially, was at 31 months. He was given Arnica (for the physical trauma of the testing procedures), Staphysagria (for the “violation” of the invasive procedures) and Opium (for the acute anxiety) and Nux vomica (for the drugs) all in the 200C and 1M to be taken at bedtime on two consecutive nights. His mother was prepared for a possible healing reaction, so when it occurred she was able to deal with it without having unnecessary anxiety and without resorting to allopathic intervention. She reported: “In hindsight, he did have an elevated temperature, but no chills, headache, sore throat, pain or vomiting as he usually would. He continued taking fluids without difficulty and only complained about being hot. I don’t think he had the flu.”

“In the last three weeks his bowels changed from hard, clay-like dark stools in balls with a strong odour to soft, formed, light brown with a mild odour. He experienced a five-pound weight loss.”

His allergist asked to see him, but his mother said she was not in a rush to expose him to something that had given him an anaphlactic reaction in the past.

At his first follow-up, one month after his first set of remedies, his mother reported that he had a great deal of energy, his sleep was excellent and he woke feeling well. The caregivers at his pre-school said they had noticed a positive change in his personality, and that it seemed he was really very well. She reported that even as the healing reaction of diarrhea was occurring, it was as if he wasn’t really sick, that somehow it was happening “around” him without affecting him.

Three weeks after the remedy she was a bit concerned about his breathing and had him checked at the hospital. She says now that she knows it was a healing reaction and feels sure that she could confidently wait it out if it happened again. She has been reading Dr. Robert Mendelsohn’s book “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” which I recommend to all my patients. She told me recently that it made her sick, that she, a nurse, should have known better. It upset her how she was previously “all tied into the allopathic chaos” with her son. She reported that she and her husband, who wholeheartedly supports homeopathic treatment, found bottles of antibiotics in their refrigerator and together they threw them in the trash. She is now researching the whole issue of vaccination.

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